Personal Dictionary Word #4: Diegetic

Word: Diegetic (Adjective) Diegesis (Noun)

Source Sentence: Diegetic music is ‘music produced within the implied world of the film’ such as the music supposedly piped into the mall where John and Agatha are on the run.
Source: How Film Music Shapes Narrative 

Diegesis: The sphere or world in which the narrated elements of a story exist.
Diegetic Music: Music that comes from inside the film. FOr example a radio playing in a scene or a scene at a concert.

Synonyms: Originating from / source (music)
Antonyms: Non-diegetic

Personal Sentence: I love listening to non-diegetic film scores as films offer composers opportunities to write music for every kind of emotion and every kind of situation from the distant past here on Earth to the far distant future in the far reaches of space.

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